White Fillings

White Fillings

Cavity or tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems that need immediate attention. Ignoring the symptoms and treatment may even lead to tooth loss. Amalgam or silver fillings were used in the past to fill teeth cavities.  Here at Chapel Gate Dental, we are an amalgam-free practice and use high quality, strong white fillings to restore your beautiful smile. We believe that white fillings are a strong, safe and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. These filling materials have become the most popular choice for treating cavities as they can alleviate the concern for aesthetic and damaging effects on teeth.

Our Materials

We use composite resin for most of our white fillings. This material is free from mercury and can be colour-matched to the exact shade of your natural teeth. Composite resin can adhere nicely to your teeth, and strengthen your remaining tooth structure. Excessive drilling is no longer necessary.

Besides composite filings, we also use glass ionomers, which release fluoride into the surrounding tooth structure. They are usually used in low-stress areas of the mouth, or in conjunction with composite resins to maximize the benefits of both materials.

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Why Should You Replace Your Old Fillings?

Aesthetic Factor:

People now find white filling as a suitable alternative to amalgam fillings as these fillings can withstand high stress and are extremely durable. Moreover, white fillings are undetectable in your mouth, making it an obvious choice for aesthetic reasons. It is also the cheapest alternative to get rid of mercury-related health risks.

Deteriorating Fillings

Constant pressure caused by grinding, chewing and clenching can deteriorate the fillings. Unless you visit a dentist for a check-up, you will not be able to recognize that the filling is wearing down. If the seal between the filling and tooth enable wears down, food particles get trapped between the gaps, which facilitate the growth of decay-causing bacteria. When left untreated, you run the risk of developing cavities or an abscessed tooth.

Whether you have a decayed tooth or want to replace your old or deteriorating filling, contact us at 03 9531 3742 to get the white-filling procedures done.

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