Thumb Sucking

Thumb Sucking

Thumb Sucking

Look For Consultation To Eliminate Thumb Sucking Habits For Kids in Melbourne? Consult With Our Expert Dentists Now!

Thumb sucking is a common habit among children. If you wish to encourage your kids to stop this habit, then here is something to help you out.

Know why some kids suck their thumbs?

Babies tend to have natural rooting and sucking reflexes which leads to the development of a thumb-sucking habit. As thumb sucking gives a secure feeling to the babies. Some babies might also develop a habit of thumb sucking to get a comforting feeling or to fall asleep.

Generally, many kids stop their habit of thumb sucking between 2-4 years of age. However, a child who’s stopped sucking his or her thumb might go back to the habit in case of stress.

How Can You Encourage Your Child to Leave the Habit of Thumb Sucking?

If you want to take action for keeping your kid away from thumb sucking, you can effectively interact with your kid. Also, sometimes, paying less or no attention to thumb sucking is sufficient to stop their behaviour. However, if the child uses thumb sucking for seeking attention or if ignoring is not effective, then you can try one of these techniques:

  • Utilize positive reinforcement method- Positive reinforcement refers to praising your kid, motivating him/her or providing small rewards to them after following your instructions. Secondly, you can set reasonable goals, like no thumb-sucking for an hour before bedtime. To keep a record, you can mark the days on the calendar when your kids have avoided thumb sucking.
  • You can recognize the triggers- In case your kidsucks his or her thumb as a response to stress, you can recognize the real problem and comfort your kid in other ways like cuddling or hugging them or with comforting words. You can also give your kid a pillow or stuffed animal to squeeze.
  • Give your kid gentle reminders-If your child sucks his/her thumb thoughtlessly, then you can offer gentle reminders and ask him/ her to stop. Avoid scolding or being too strict with your child as it might not be effective for deviating them from the habit of thumb sucking.

Can a dentist help?

If you are concerned about what thumb sucking may do to your child’s teeth and oral health, you can consult with a dentist. For some kids, a brief consulting chat with a dentist about why it’s significant to stop thumb sucking is more effectual than talk with parents.

In some cases, dentists might also recommend measures like covering your child’s thumbnail with a bitter substance, bandaging their thumb or covering their hand with a clean sock at night-time.

What if nothing works?

For some children, the habit is thumb sucking is an extremely difficult habit to break. At Chapel Gate, we provide consultation on eliminating the thumb-sucking habits for kids Melbourne. You can connect with us, book an appointment and schedule a consultation with our expert dentists.

We can help your kid to get rid of the thumb sucking habit effectively. So Call us now and know more!

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