Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Dentist & Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

If you have been told that you need root canal therapy, you may feel a little nervous. However, there’s no need to worry, especially when you’re in the hands of an experienced dentist at Chapel Gate Dental. Our skilled and experienced root canal dentist can treat an infected tooth, preventing the need for costly dental implants and bridges. Whether your tooth has been damaged as a result of deep decay, physical trauma or repeated dental procedures over the years, we can save the tooth and reduce the amount of pain and discomfort you experience.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Pulp, found at the centre of your tooth, is made of blood vessels that help build the surrounding tooth structure. If this pulp becomes infected, it can lead to deep decay, cracks, chips and trauma to the tooth. Root canal treatment aims to remove the infected pulp and seal the tooth to avoid extraction.

Step By Step Procedure

Our dentists strictly adhere to a systematic procedure when performing root canal treatment. During the procedure, we execute the following steps:

  • Anaesthesia is injected to numb the infected area where the procedure will be done.
  • A small hole is made at the top crown to gain access into the tooth.
  • Tooth pulp is removed and the interior of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Once cleaned, the tooth is prepared for the crown.
  • The crown is placed over the tooth and is completely sealed.
  • Most patients report that having a root canal treatment today is as easy and painless as getting a filling.

Why Have a Root Canal Performed?

There are a number of reasons why you might need root canal therapy, including:

  • Extreme sensitivity to very hot and cold items
  • Severe tooth decay that reaches down into the root
  • Infection found deep inside of the tooth
  • Long term toothache
  • Pain radiating from one area of your tooth to another
  • A blemish on your gum releasing blood or pus

Book an Appointment with Our Root Canal Dentist Today

If you suspect you may need to have a root canal performed, don’t hesitate to contact our root canal dentist at Chapel Gate Dental. We’re dedicated to ensuring you receive the best treatment every time. If you have any questions, call us on (03) 9531 3742.

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