Utilize the power of light for a complete skin renewal solution.

The deep penetrating LED lights are a perfect solution for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, bringing in even skin tone, targeting acne and enlightening the skin. By enhancing the internal function of your skin, the LED Light Facial Therapy will stimulate rapid healing. This makes the treatment perfect to blend with your other Australian Skin Clinics treatments.

Generally, these treatments are effective and also fast, lasting for about 10 and 20 minutes. With distinctively coloured LED lights like (yellow or red and blue), your facial treatment can be customized to suit your individual skin goals.

Here we have listed some benefits of LED light facial therapy

  • Stimulate fast healing and reduce pain– This therapy improves the internal skin call functions and stimulates rapid healing.
  • Treating active acne– Blue LED light facial therapy is effective in targeting inflammatory acne.
  • Diminish acne-causing bacteria– This therapy eradicates the acne-causing bacterium which lives on our skin.
  • Easy and fast treatments– The therapy sessions last merely for about 10 to 20min so you need not spend much time and can feel the difference in your complexion instantly.

How does this therapy work

  • We begin with an examination of your skin, wherein we decide which coloured wavelength is ideal for you.
  • Blue LED Light Facial Therapy is effective for targeting and eliminating the problem of inflammatory acne, by eradicating the acne-causing bacteria which lives on the skin. The treatment is completely painless and non-invasive and can be performed in a short time.
  • Yellow LED Light Facial Therapy is an incredible therapy which enhances the overall health of your skin. As it is a healing therapy, we suggest yellow light therapy after treatments like Microdermabrasion and medi-aesthetic peels.

How can we work for optimizing results of LED Light Facial Therapy?

For best results from LED Light Facial therapy, we recommend our clients to avoid taking photosensitizing medication before your treatment. Also, we suggest our clients avoid exercise for at least 24 hours after the LED light therapy. If used along with medi-aesthetic process or treatment, the LED Light Facial Therapy can make your skin look radiant and flawless like never before.

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