Frenectomy Treatment in Melbourne

Frenectomy Treatment in Melbourne

Frenectomy Treatment in Melbourne

Know Why Frenectomy Necessary

Frenectomy is a simple surgery which involves the surgical procedure for removing one or both frena from your mouth. The frenum is a connective tissue membrane which attaches two surfaces.

If you are looking for Frenectomy in Melbourne, then read on and more about the treatment.

When does one need a Frenectomy?

In case an infant has an elongated lingual frenum, mothers might face difficulty in nursing or feeding through a bottle. A child who faces this condition is commonly referred to as being “tongue-tied.” In case this abnormality is left untreated, then the child may also face difficulty while speaking. However, some times, this condition cannot be detected by a pediatrician or general dentist at its initial stage. It gets noticed after the child enters pre-kindergarten or starts getting routine checkups during elementary school. The common symptoms of an elongated frenum are inability to extend the tongue, or difficulty and discomfort while swallowing.

In such cases, the main concern is the potential for the emergence of orthodontic problems. If the frenum here extends near the gum line, then it might interfere with the proper growth of the teeth and also affect the spacing between the upper teeth. So it is always recommended that parents must consider Frenectomy in case they notice their child going through such difficulty.

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Know more about the procedure

In case your child is found with a condition of an elongated frenulum, your dental expert and a pediatrician might recommend Frenectomy as a permanent solution to your problem. Firstly, your oral surgeon will assess the frenum or frena and decide whether the procedure is required or not. This treatment will only be prescribed after knowing that the existing frenum may cause a hindrance breastfeeding in infants and toddlers, or is hindering speech. So, if the surgery is deemed essential, then it can be performed by an oral surgeon. The entire process usually lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can expect complete recovery in about two weeks. During these two weeks, the patient receives pain relief medication to get rid of the soreness at the surgical site. Proper aftercare procedures, like keeping the area hygienic and avoiding needless movement of the tongue, can minimize the discomfort in patients.

If you are a parent or guardian whose kid is facing a condition of the elongated frenum, then you need not worry about it anymore, At Chapel Gate dental clinic, you can get a Frenectomy treatment in Melbourne from an expert dentist. You will get a check-up for your kid from a dentist. Thereafter, depending on the diagnosis, the dentist will recommend a Frenectomy treatment for your kid.

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