Dark Circle Reduction / Carboxy Therapy

Dark Circle Reduction / Carboxy Therapy

Know Everything about Carboxy Therapy

Although this therapy has grown popular, still many people are unaware of the uses and advantages of this treatment.  Read on to reveals how carboxy therapy can assist you to enhance your aesthetic appearance.

At Chapel Gate, we focus on offering expert Dark circle reduction treatments in St Kilda and help people to gain flawless skin and look. If you are someone who is curious to know more about carboxy treatment, then read on for some interesting facts.

Carboxy therapy removes darkness beneath your eyes

 Although this therapy can be used for several health benefits, they are popularly used to remove the darkness beneath your eyes. The most fascinating fact about this therapy is that it will help in removing the darkness in the most natural way. The CO2 which is injected in your body will increase the oxygen supply and blood circulation in your body. So, when the cells are enriched with essential nutrition and oxygen, the darkness under your eyes is automatically removed. This procedure needs only five minutes however, the results are very effective.

Fat sculpting

This is a highly preferred method which is performed in order to reduce the fat content in your body. Many people perform this therapy as the part of cosmetic treatment in order to regularize their skin. This is done to remove the accumulated fat accumulated from the face and also from your body. The carbon dioxide which is injected in the body acts on the fat cells and makes them melt. These melted fat contents are then eliminated from your body. As the procedure is simple, several people are initiating towards this procedure for losing body fat with carboxy therapy. This method can be a right choice for people who are not interested in other surgical methods for their therapy.

Augments collagen

The collagen formation takes place under the skin and impacts your appearance. This formation of collagen reduces gradually with a person’s age. The carboxy therapy is primarily responsible for the formation of collagen which inversely helps in retaining youthfulness of your ski and also saves you from signs of ageing. People who need to get rid of their aging appearance can use this therapy without any constraint.

Moreover, carboxy therapy can be used many other medical benefits which include cellulite detection and a number of other health benefits. And it is also regarded as a great non surgical option for a number of problems. Even though this procedure has a number benefits, still in order to get the best results, and avoid any hassles, it is eminent that you get best treatment under guidance of experts.

At Chapel Gate Dental Clinic, you will not only get the best Dark circle reduction treatments in St Kilda but you will also get expert guidance on the aftercare of the treatment.

To know more, connect with us now and book your consultation.

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