Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have become one of the most popular orthodontic treatments. Often referred to as ‘Invisalign’, these transparent and custom-made braces fit snugly on your teeth much like a small mouth guard does in sports that involve contacts such as hockey or football etcetera. When patients wonder if clear aligners will work as well, the answer is yes! Our patients can receive great results with this treatment.

The issue you want to correct

These aligners work best for adults who require minor corrections to dental problems. Although more complicated orthodontic solutions can also be treated with these braces, the results may not always come out perfectly according to plan and need a lot of practice before you're able to put your new smile on display. If you want a better outcome, traditional braces might be the way to go.

Are the rules flexible?

If you want clear aligners to work as well for your teeth and mouth, they must fit properly. For the treatment plan of 20-22 hours per day wear over at least one week before moving on from this round we will discuss another solution. Wearing your aligners as advised by the orthodontist is key to achieving successful treatment results, but you must remove them when eating or drinking. If you are unable to commit yourself fully and wear your aligner all day, every time without removing for eating or drinking then this treatment may not be right for you.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

  • Invisible braces! No more metal bands on your teeth, just a slightly different tooth appearance that will be barely noticeable.
  • The great thing about orthodontic appliances is that they're removable for eating. So, you can eat whatever your heart desires! (By comparison during braces treatment hard & crunchy foods need to be avoided because they will likely break.)
  • You can continue to brush and floss your teeth as before but be aware of any new stains or sensitivity.
  • You may experience some discomfort when the aligners are first put in, but this should be minimal compared to traditional braces. The smooth surface and comfortable fit allow for less tugging on your teeth during eating or speaking which means fewer problems down the road.
  • A straight set of teeth and a healthy smile can lead to a more confident personality.

What you should know about clear aligner therapy

1.There are so many different brands out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you.

Many people know Invisalign® as the clear aligner treatment, but in Australia, there are many brands that orthodontists use for their patients. Some popular ones include Spark and Clarity. At Chapel Gate Dental, we don’t focus on any brand over the others when it comes to orthodontics. Our team will work with whichever aligner works best for you and your patients; our expertise is what matters most.

2. Attachments may be required

One of the best things about clear aligner treatment is that, unlike traditional metal braces, your trays will be see-through and barely visible. Want to get that smile looking perfect? Well, as simple as it may sound some tooth movements require the use of additional attachments. These small ‘buttons’ fit over your teeth, and they have clear adhesive on them so you can attach them easily. The most important thing about aligners is the handle. It's a device that can be used to provide more guidance for your teeth, helping you stay on track and keep them straight without slipping or denting other things in between as often.

Our orthodontist will attach any necessary attachments to help you with your treatment. They may be visible if clear aligners are in place, but it's important not to worry about them as this is part of the process.

3.You should only consume cold beverages

Hot tea and coffee are great, but they might not be the best thing for your aligners. As these braces are made from plastic which can warp when exposed to hot liquids (think: boiling water), you should limit how much caffeine or sugar goes into them while undergoing treatment to protect their shape. A good way to avoid coffee spots on your aligners is by drinking them quickly and rinsing them with cold water after you put them in your trays. If that's not possible, try sticking only to plain old tap water throughout the day.

4.You'll have to clean your teeth more frequently as a result

Brushing after every meal is vital to your health and well-being. You should brush all four times to keep those pearly whites clean. A lot of people think that brushing only needs to happen before bed, but with orthodontic treatment it’s imperative you do so too; clear aligners can trap plaque which leads to cavities as well bad breath. When you brush your teeth after wearing aligners, it not only helps to remove any food particles that may have stuck in between them but also reduces the number of times we need to bite down on our bottom lip while eating! As a bonus, this can result in better oral hygiene overall.

5.There may be a refinement period

A couple of "naughty" teeth that did not move as much during the normal course can be helped with extra refinements. Your dentist will decide whether you need them depending on how your mouth has responded to treatment, but this is quite common for patients who have had a lot more difficulty than expected in moving their jawbone back into place after braces. If your teeth are not moving as much or at all after treatment, it may be necessary for you to get some extra refinements. The dentist will decide if this is the case depending on how well Braces have worked in helping fix crooked incisal edges and gaps between each tooth's minerals placement, so they fit properly again. Our orthodontist at Chapel Gate dental will give you final removable retainers to wear after your treatment for a perfect fit. These nightguards are designed specifically with the intent of helping teeth maintain their new position and they're worn constantly to make sure it stays that way.

Is it true that transparent aligners are effective for everyone?

Unfortunately, it depends on your case and which movements you need to undertake. If a fixed orthodontic appliance is what's needed for predictable results, then clear aligners may be a perfect choice. Aligners are a great way to straighten your teeth without the need for traditional braces. However, not all patients will wear their aligners every day, so you must speak with an orthodontist about whether this treatment option works well for you before committing. Not everyone is a good candidate for the aligner treatment. To find out if this option may be right for you, consult with our orthodontist today.

How long does it take for clear aligners to straighten teeth?

Some people may be afraid of the pain that is involved with aligners, but once it's installed and worn consistently for 22 hours per day throughout your 12–18-month treatment time; you'll find out how easy they can make life. The average person wears these braces on their teeth every single minute for one year. With the different shapes and sizes of mouths, it is important to book a consultation with us who can give you an estimate on how long they think straight teeth will take.

Is it true that transparent aligners (like Invisalign) are truly invisible?

Clear aligners are a type of braces that look transparent when worn. This can make them difficult to spot, but they're certainly not invisible! Up close you would probably notice the person wearing clear aluminium was on their teeth if I had been talking with them at any point during our conversation.

Are transparent aligners as effective as braces?

Braces are not always the best option for adults wanting to get an amazing smile. In some cases, aligners may produce a superior treatment result due to different types of tooth movements and fixed appliances that provide benefits such as improved aesthetics or function when compared with removable ones. With the right planning and clinical knowledge, both aligners and braces are effective ways to straighten your teeth so you need to speak with an orthodontist about what would be best long term.

What additional orthodontic treatment alternatives do I have?

If you need orthodontic treatment for your smile, then make an appointment with our dentists at Chapel Gate. They will analyze what is going on inside of it and figure out which option would be best suited just as much by considering factors like tooth movements or lifestyle habits that might affect their decision in selecting one specific type over another. If you want to be able to show off your pearly whites and still maintain an attractive smile, the braces must fit well. You should also have surgical steel brackets made for his or her teeth, so they don't shift throughout treatment.

If you’re thinking about Invisalign®, our orthodontists are best equipped to talk with and help guide your decision. We always love having the opportunity for new patients! To discuss whether this is the right option for your situation, call us today!

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