Children / Teenager
Children / Teenager

Dental Care For Children

A perfect smile is what makes a perfect day. Despite your child’s first teeth might fall out as a natural process, your child’s milk teeth are important for 2 main reasons:

  • They are essential for your child to chew and speak properly. Healthy baby teeth allow your child to enjoy a variety of food for proper maintenance of a balanced diet.
  • They guide the growth of the jaw and maintain the space to ensure permanent teeth come through in the correct alignment and position.

Occasionally when your child’s baby teeth fall out too early, either by decay or being accidentally knocked out, it can have a significant impact on their oral and general health unless appropriate treatment is taken.

The general timeline for children teething

When your child is 6 months to 2.5 years old, that is when baby teeth usually grow. It should be no late than 3 years for the baby teeth to appear. Usually, at the age of 6, your child starts to lose the baby teeth and the adult teeth will replace them until the age of 13.

Dental Care For Teenagers

As children grow to become teenagers, their attitude toward dental care may change.

Teenagers often tend to ignore their dental care due to changes in lifestyle, adolescent rebellion and increased parental independence.

At Chapel gate Dental, we understand that teenagers need extra support and care. We are committed to offering the best dental care for teenagers by providing a best in class treatment with personal care.

Do you have a question about taking care of your child’s oral health? Contact the friendly team at Chapel Gate Dental today.

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